This is a listing of companies or projects that provide APIs, licensable code, or open source software for physical security AI applications. APIs are primarily in the form of cloud services. Some are duplicated in our AI directory if they specialize heavily in machine vision applications. The list is expanding, feel free to send suggestions: - Specialty AI for construction, manufacturing, restaurants, retail, venues

Amazon Rekognition - Multiple models and applications for video processing

Clarifai - Developer tools for multiple AI applications, including security/surveillance

Clearview - Face recognition APIs

Eagle Eye API - Eagle Eye is primarily focused on selling their full-stack VSaaS, but they do offer an extensive API for custom development

OpenCV - Extensive resources for creating local or cloud hosting video processing applications

Google Vision AI - Multiple models and applications for video processing

Microsoft Azure AI - Multiple models and applications for video processing - including FR, OCR, Object Detection

Noonlight - Emergency response connectivity, video verification

Pimloc - Brand tracking, image search, pose estimation

SecureRedact - Part of Pimloc, but a separate product focused specifically on face redaction

SentiSight - object detection and image analysis

SimpleCV - Python toolset for developing CV applications

TeachableMachine - DIY oriented audio and video analytics

Videoflow - Python framework for video analysis applications